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Books shall be issued to the members of the Library as per Library Rules. The Library caution money is Rs. 200/- only which is refundable. Book bank facility is also available for poor and needy students.

Students of the College are allowed to read newspapers, magazines and books in the reading room of the Library during their vacant periods.

Photocopying facility is also available in the library for students and teachers to get the required portion/pages from any books/magazines etc. copied on a nominal charges of Rs. 2.00 per page.

Computer facility is also available for member students.


(a) Only regular students will be permitted to become a member of the college Library.

(b) The books will be issued for two weeks to each student and only one book will be issued at a time.

(c) If a student wants to keep the book for more than two weeks he/she must get it re-issued for the next two weeks more.

(d) Reference Books will not be issued to the students.

(e) If a book is not returned within the prescribed time, the student will be charged a fine of Re. 2.00 per day as late fee. If a particular book is delayed in being returned continuously three times, the membership of that student may be cancelled keeping in mind the necessity of other students.

(f) The book should not be marked by any student by pen or pencil etc. If this rule is violated the membership of that student may be cancelled.

(g) The book will be returned in the same condition in which it was issued. If the book is torn or damaged in any manner, the full price of the book will be charged from the student as a fine.

(h) If the book is lost or is not returned in any case, the full price of the book will be charged from the student concerned.

(i) Every student must obtain a No-dues certificate from the Librarian at the time of receiving admit card/marksheet or before withdrawing from the studentship of the college.

(j) The membership may be withdrawn if the student fails to maintain silence inside the library or if he/she takes lunch, chews pan/pan-masala or smokes cigarette inside the Library.

(k) Only bonafide students will be allowed entry to the Library. (l) Gossiping is strictly prohibited in the Library.

(m) Student's Membership card is not transferable and orders issued by Librarian from time to time will also have to be followed by the students.

(n) If a student does not apply for the refund of caution money within 90 days after declaration of the result, the same will be forfeited.