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Courses Of Study (Science)

COMPULSORY SUBJECT : Environment & Rashtra Gaurav

A candidate may apply for one of the following subject combinations available to B.Sc. students in the college.

(a) ZBC Group (Zoology, Botany, Chemistry)

Eligibility: A candidate who has passed his Intermediate (Biology) or equivalent examination with minimum 40% of marks in aggregate can apply for this group.

(b) PCM Group (Physics, Chemistry, Maths)

Eligibility: A candidate who has passed his Intermediate (Maths) or equivalent exam with 45% of marks in aggregate can apply for this group.

(c) CPM Group (Computer Science, Physics, Maths)

Eligibility: A candidate who has passed his Intermediate (Maths) or equivalent exam with 45% of marks in aggregate and has some basic idea about the fundamentals of computers can apply for this group.


1. The application form and prospectus can be purchased from the office and the duly filled form should be submitted in the office on or before the date notified on the notice board of the college.

2. The students must specifically mention the group in which they seek admission. The students offering PCM/CPM group should apply on separate application forms if they are willing to be candidates in both PCM and CPM group.

3. A candidate may apply for one or more than one group on separate application forms with the restriction that Intermediate (Bio) can not apply for PCM or CPM group.

4. Admission of students to the college shall be made by an admission committee constituted for the purpose. Admission will be granted after interview.


1. A recent passport size (6cm x 5cm) front-pose photograph should be pasted on Admission form.

2. Attested photocopies of documents like marksheets, certificates and T.C./Centre Certificate should be submitted along with the Admission form and original copy of Transfer Certificate/Centre Certificate will be submitted before the Admission.

3. No certificate whatsoever may be received separately after the submission of the form except T.C./ Migration Certificate.

4. Photocopies of the marksheets and certificates and the photograph submitted alongwith the form shall not be returned.

5. Receipt of submission of admission form will be issued to a candidate at the time of submission of application form, which should be preserved by the student.

6. Fee once deposited will not be refunded in any case.

7. Students applying for admission may enquire about the college fees from the Admission Incharge/Office and no concession will be allowed in the fees.

8. All the students are required to keep their Identity Cards with them at all time and must be produced the same on demand. In case the Identity Card is lost, duplicate can be issued only on applying for the same along with an affidavit about the loss and a fee of Rs. 25.00.

9. If a student does not apply for the refund of caution money within 90 days after declaration of the result, the same will be forfeited.

10. All the students are required to attend 75% lectures in order to entitle themselves for appearing in the examination. Those who fail to put up the required attendance may be detained/may not be allowed to appear in the examination.

11. The names of all such students shall be struck off the Rolls of the College (i.e. from the Attendance Register etc.) who fail to attend the college for a continuous period of one month, unless their absence from the college is condoned.

12. Such students whose names are struck off may be allowed to be re-admitted on payment of Rs. 200/- as Re-Admission charges.

13. No society or association shall be formed or shall function in the college without the prior permission of the Manager/Principal.

14. No notice must be pasted or circulated by any student anywhere in the college without prior permission of the Principal/Faculty Incharge.

15. Students shall not hold any meeting or organize any activity in the college without prior permission of the Principal/Proctor.

16. In functions and meetings organized in the college due decorum shall be observed. Severe disciplinary action will be taken against the students who create disturbance or disobey orders and directions on such occasions.

17. Students of the college who bring Bicycles, Motorcycles or Scooters will be required to keep them locked on the cycle-stand in the campus on payment of prescribed charges.